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You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Excellent

Who must we be to #inspire others? Authentic and real; your best self. Unfortunately, #authenticity has become a challenge for many of us. It takes #courage to show up as who we really are, not who everyone else thinks we should be.

My pursuit of #excellence served me well though-out my career, in fact I was rewarded for it. I learned to “execute flawlessly” and expected the same from others. Failure has never been an option.

As my self-awareness grew, I realized that it was perfection I was after. Being afraid of what others would think prevented me from living my truth. Stories I held in my unconscious mind drove my actions. If I’m perfect, no one will reject me. If I over-perform, I’ll prove my value. If I always look good, I’ll be loved. Failure was never an option, so I learned to “execute flawlessly”. The need to have everyone’s approval meant giving up myself.

Have you ever watched a well-respected leader forget words in the middle of a speech and laugh at herself about it? Chances are you feel more comfortable around her, right? Humanness, not perfection, is what we can relate to.

Showing up as the real you takes courage but it is the only real way you can reach your fullest potential. Giving up your masks and your fear of rejection gives you the freedom to be you. Tap into the miracle of your existence…you are totally unique and a gift to this world. It is irrelevant to compare yourself to others; what you have to offer can never be duplicated.

Authenticity builds #confidence and trust which is one of the most powerful forms of motivation and inspiration. Being #authentic is the most effective way of relating to and working with others and getting #results. As leaders, we need to become great living our truth and establishing trust.

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