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What's Your Breakthrough Goal?

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

"Always remember, your focus determines your reality." -- George Lucas

While #goal-setting is an important step to achieving that wants on our #dream list, most of the #goals we set #focus on improving our life in the moment. Things like: Get the house painted; Finish my sales report; Clean out the laundry room; Lose 20 pounds

But what if — instead — you focused on a single goal that would #up-level everything you do – from your career… to your career network… to your income… to your lifestyle. Wouldn’t that be a goal worth pursuing with #passion? Wouldn’t that be something to focus on a little each day until you achieved it?

Think about it. If you were an independent sales professional and knew you could get a substantial bonus commission and maybe even a promotion once you landed a certain number of customers, wouldn’t you work day and night to achieve that goal? If you were a stay-at-home mom whose entire lifestyle and finances would change by earning an extra $3,000 a month, wouldn’t you #pursue every possible #opportunity for side work or your own part-time business to achieve that goal?

That’s what I mean by a #breakthrough goal. Something that changes your life, brings you new opportunities, gets you in front of the right people and up-levels every activity, relationship or group you’re involved in.

What might your single Breakthrough Goal be? Whether you believe you can achieve it or not – what one single change in your career, business, lifestyle or relationships would boost you to the next level?

Is it landing a promotion… changing jobs… expanding your business… finding your soulmate… qualifying for an award… going back to school… moving across country… retiring early… or some other goal?

Are you ready to pursue a single goal that would up-level everything you? If yes, please check out the replay for my latest webinar called The R-Factor.

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