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Meet Our Founder

Tracy Quinn

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Business Growth Accelerator

Tracy Quinn is a Business Growth Accelerator, Leadership Success Coach, Strategist, International Bestselling Author, Global Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, and Connector. She has been leading technology and business transformations for global organizations for more than two decades, achieving more than $59M in bottom line impact. She has served personnel ranging from executives of billion dollar companies to front line employees in the areas of leadership, strategic planning & execution, information technology, operations, process excellence, human resources, mergers & acquisitions, business intelligence, sales optimization, change management and organizational development.

Leadership Success Coach

As a certified Jack Canfield Success Principles™ Trainer, Barrett Values Center’s Cultural Transformation® Consultant and LEAN Sigma Master Black Belt, Tracy has helped hundreds of clients advance their vision, mission, build consensus and alignment around core values, and drive outstanding performance, strategic excellence, leadership capacity, employee engagement, team performance and cultural transformation. She teaches companies how to bring joy, passion, and productivity back into the workplace.

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Best-Selling Author

Tracy is dedicated to inspiring women to play a bigger game and helping them realize their maximum potential and fulfill their highest vision.  She proudly co-authored the International Best-Seller Success University for Women in Leadership. In 2017, she was honored as Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women for excellence, leadership, and commitment to her profession, while encouraging the achievement of Professional Women.

Community Leader

Tracy's philosophy of giving unconditionally without the expectation of receiving inspired her to build a local chapter of eWomenNetwork designed to create an environment where business owners and professionals can share their gifts and develop strong relationships to help each other grow.  Members are quickly becoming some of the most successful leaders in the community!  

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Global Speaker & Trainer

Through powerful and compassionate coaching, Tracy changes the way people think, providing clarity and guidance to put success strategies into action. She shares practical tools to deliver an immediate impact. Not only are individuals inspired and motivated to achieve greater success, they learn how to up-level their efforts, strategic alliances, relationships, attitudes, and behaviors, and breakthrough roadblocks that have been holding them back.

Message From Tracy

I'm driven to make a positive impact in the world by helping people create FREEDOM. I believe that many people settle for mediocrity, when they deserve greatness, and it is my honor to help them achieve everything they desire and more. 


To that end…I'm dedicated to instigating a global movement of Conscious Creators and supporting people to organize their life, businesses and resources around their passion and gifts.

We'd Love To Hear From You!!

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