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Strategic planning & execution

Win talent, customers, and your future by linking culture to strategy 


Some business owners have a strong vision and strategic direction but lack the operational effectiveness to move their business towards their vision.  Other business owners are highly effective operators but lack a strong vision and strategic direction. 


Our proven methods help business owners establish the direction for their business, create an aligned strategic plan and successfully achieve the plan enabling them to increase revenue, profit and the value of their business. 


The Strategy Driven Organization

Aligning Vision With Strategy

Strategy driven organizations align their vision and strategy, and implement a structured execution process which aligns the organization with initiatives, budgets, improvement activities, and ongoing performance management. 

Developing a Strategy

The essence of strategy is choosing a unique and valuable position in the marketplace. A strategy is the answer to these five questions:

Results, Feedback

Operational Activities
& Strategy
Strategy Alignment
Process Management
Performance Measurement

Plans, Budgets, Initiatives

1.  What is your greatest aspiration? 

What is your purpose, your vision, your core motivation?

2.  Where will you achieve your greatest aspiration?

Which markets, clients, channels, product lines will you pursue?

3.  How will you achieve your greatest aspiration?

What will enable you to create unique value & sustainability and deliver that value in a distinct way?

4.  What capabilities must be in place?

What critical activities and competencies are required to achieve your HOW and WHERE?

5.  What management systems are required? 

What systems and measures are needed to enable capabilities, support choices, and measure progress towards your greatest aspiration?

Strategy Execution

Business owners have a choice to create a discipline of strategic thinking and strategic practices within an organization.  By operating more strategically, they are able to take control of their business, empower employees, and seize new opportunities. 


Our Framework - An Iterative Process

Our experts and strategy framework help organizations through the entire life cycle--creating a compelling strategic vision, designing a path to achieve it, ensuring the successful implementation, measuring ongoing progress, and driving continuous improvement.

What We Can Do For You



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Strategy  Execution



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