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Values driven leadership & culture transformation

Transforming culture into a competitive advantage

Full Spectrum Leadership

An authentic full spectrum leader must understand and master his or her personal dynamics, as well as the dynamics of the organisation or team, business unit or division he or she leads.  Download the complimentary SURVEY to find out where you are on your journey.


IMAGINE a workplace culture where there’s excitement in the air, where everything is done to enhance the customer experience, where innovation thrives, and teams easily adapt to unforeseen circumstances, where your senior team works toward a shared vision of success, and where people genuinely care for one another, feel recognized and are supported within the organization.

These are cultures where employees are able to bring their beliefs and values to work and where there’s a shared view, throughout the organization, of fostering a high-performing culture. 

Our work is grounded in the Cultural Transformation Tools® and the Quinntessential Leadership™ approach.  Using one of the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics and values assessment instruments and strategies commercially available, we provide a roadmap for achieving high performance, full spectrum resilience, and long-term sustainability that supports the triple bottom line:




Our Approach

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Full spectrum sustainability is a concept based on the seven levels of organizational consciousness model that enables an organization to determine the extent to which it is both BEING sustainable and EMBRACING sustainability.  

The level of growth and development of consciousness depends on the ability of the leaders to create a culture that satisfies the needs of all stakeholders -- employees, investors, customers, partners, the local community and society in general. The most successful are those who are full spectrum meaning they have learned to master all levels of consciousness. They create a climate of trust, have the ability to manage complexity and can respond or rapidly adapt to all situations. 

Full Spectrum Sustainability

Values-driven organizations are the most successful organizations on the planet because they engender high levels of employee engagement.


Values are silent motivators that underpin our behavior, emotions, beliefs, ideas, and decision making. Clarity of our values keeps us aligned to our authentic self and true to the future we want to experience. The ability to express deeply held values in our lives and workplace contributes to a sense of balance and fulfillment. Acting against personal values can hinder playing full out, resulting in a sense of disconnect and contribute to low levels of fulfillment and engagement. 

A Values Base Approach to Everything

What We Do For You

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Who Else is Doing This Work

Cultural Transformation Tools have been used to map the values of over 6000 organizations and 3000 leaders in 94 countries in over 50 languages. 


Quinntessentials, LLC is CTT Certified and an affiliate of the Barrett Values Centre network consisting of 3500 trained users in over 70 countries. Here are a few examples of values assessments conducted by the network.


"... in our research, we found the visionary company was guided by a core ideology -- core values and a sense of purpose in building their company -- beyond just making products and money"

- Jim Collins, author of "Good to Great"



"When I reflect on what makes an outstanding organization, I keep coming back to the effectiveness of our people individually and collectively.  Our responsibility as leaders therefore is to enhance, harness and direct the capacity and energy of our people towards virtuous and valuable ends.  Long-term success must have a solid foundation built on principles and values that act as a center of gravity.  In business you get what you target, design, measure, provide incentives for and are passionate about.  This applies equally to principles and values, which need to be nurtured and directed through an effective whole systems approach and values-management framework."

John McFarlane, Chief Executive Officer, ANZ, Melbourne, Australia

“We’re entering an Age of Transcendence, as people increasingly search for higher meaning in their lives, not just possessions. This is transforming the marketplace, the workplace, the very soul of capitalism. Increasingly, today’s most successful companies are bringing love, joy, authenticity, empathy and soulfulness into their businesses; they are delivering emotional, experiential, and social value – not just profits.”

~ Firms of Endearment, Wharton Press

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"If you want your organization to consistently perform at peak levels, you need to become values-driven - a company that is characterized by strong alignment between individual values and corporate values; a company characterized by strong alignment between individual and group sense of mission; a place where the 'walk' matches the 'talk'.  And it all starts with you, the leader.” 

Grant Kvalheim, Co-President, Barclays Capital, New York

Create A High-Performance Culture

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