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A Simple Formula That Will Change Your Life!

Jack Canfield, my most important #success #mentor, taught me a simple, yet powerful formula that I believe should be the primary rule guiding your successful life: E+R=O -- Event + Response = Outcome.

Stated succinctly, every #outcome we experience in life is a direct result of how we respond to an individual event that occurs. Sometimes that event is an unexpected opportunity that shows up. Other times, it’s a crisis we didn’t see coming. But in any case, it’s just the way things are—the existential reality of our life.

So how can we create the best possible outcome in relation to an event we have no control over? By taking responsibility and changing the way we respond to that event.

Take a look at these examples:

Event: You are given a $1,000 bonus. Response: You spend it on a weekend trip. Outcome: You miss out on creating the emergency fund you planned.


Event: You are given a $1,000 bonus. Response: You set up an emergency fund. Outcome: You’re prepared and avoid having to put such charges on a credit card.


Event: Your spouse comes home from a bad day at work. Response: You don’t have time to listen and may even launch into your own tirade, saying, “You think yours was bad?” Outcome: You end up with an unhappy spouse who feels disconnected and unheard.


Event: Your spouse comes home from a bad day at work. Response: You listen and respond lovingly with compassion and interest. Outcome: Your relationship becomes closer, with a spouse who feels heard and supported.

Can you see how your response—and your response alone—can significantly improve your life, or alternatively, create negative outcomes (either now or in the future)? When you really get this concept and understand the #power of your #response, you can be a success in every area of your life. Your happiness, your health, your financial situation, your relationships— everything will start to improve, once you improve your responses.

Try asking yourself these questions…

- In what areas of my life do I find myself reacting vs. responding intentionally?

- How would my life improve by being more #intentional in my response in these areas?

- How can I use this simple equation to #improve each area of my life?

To Your Success!


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