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Feedback - Your Greatest Gift

"Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others.” – Ellen DeGeneres

One of the most valuable #lessons I’ve learned is just how essential feedback is in cultivating the desired #behaviors and #outcomes we want while correcting those we don't. It can highlight blind spots that can impact your #reputation and your business. It goes beyond how well you are performing against #goals. It uncovers how your colleagues feel about working with you, how you #communicate and #collaborate, how they perceive your ability to handle stress and adversity, and yes, where you might not be showing up as the real you.

Hearing what others think hasn’t always been easy for me, occasionally invoking feelings of self-doubt and discouragement. Learning to let go of my ego to truly listen has empowered me with valuable insight that I wouldn’t gain otherwise and given me #awareness of things I could do to become a stronger, better #leader.

Make a habit of soliciting #feedback. Welcome it. You can’t address issues that you don’t understand and pretending like you never make mistakes doesn’t make it so. You can bet that if one person complains, there are ten more who feel the same way. Bringing issues to the forefront gives you an opportunity to face them head on but you can only improve if you are willing to ask, listen and act.

#Learn from everyone, even when the feedback is harsh. Could it be that this person just doesn’t have the #communication skills to provide feedback with love and grace?

Interpret the results. Is there a clear pattern? If not, you may benefit from adjusting your behavior or communication style. Find a small nugget that could have a negative impact on your success. As an example, some may see me as driven while other see me as a slave driver. Focusing on this might prove to be your greatest opportunity. Figure out what new attitudes and behaviors to apply immediately. Acting on feedback is the key differentiator between those who #rise and those who get stuck.

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