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Become a Best-Selling Author

Become a recognized authority, expand your reach, grow your business, and create multiple streams of income

Does the thought of writing a book feel overwhelming, out of reach, or like a task too large to take on?

Becoming a best-selling author is one of the fastest ways to increase your visibility, grow your business and solidify your success yet many people become overwhelmed by the thought of tackling it.  What if it were easy to become a best-selling author and share your incredible message around the world? What if you had someone to take the pressure off the process and all you had to do was write from the heart?

Introducing:  The Quinntessential Entrepreneur™

Success strategies and inspiring stories for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to sky-rocket their business


We invite you to become a co-author of this incredible resource for business owners.  Not only will we help you write your chapter and guarantee you become a best-selling author, we'll provide you with an audience and platform to share your message worldwide so you make the impact you desire.  All of the behind scenes heavy lifting of editors, proofreading, cover design and marketing will be taken care of for you. 



Filming Begins July 26th & 27th

Secure Your Spot Today!

Our vision is that this book will become the essential resource for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to quickly advance their businesses. Readers will discover the skills and learn the strategies needed to excel from some of the world’s top business experts, entrepreneurs, and business owners -- YOU!

There are three ways you can CONTRIBUTE





Featured Author

BE SEEN - Pubishing Done For You
Become a best-selling author
Comprehensive writer’s guidelines, sample bios, and chapter template
Live author group coaching calls
Access to private Facebook group
Your name and chapter title on the back cover
Author page with bio, contact details, website & photograph
Professional book formatting, layout, production and printing
Professional copy, editing and proofreading services
25 copies of the book
Customized cover with your picture and and company information
Learn the process of becoming a #1 best selling author
Custom book - both front and back covers
GET SEEN - Marketing Tools & Templates
Professionally written one-page book description & cover postcards
Electronic version of your chapter for promotional use
Expert marketing & social media plan, templates, and calendar
Marketing graphics & "written copy" for social media & Email
Two press releases promoting the book
A website to host your free gifts supporting the book launch
Your BIO and link to your website promoted on
A guest spot on an international podcast
Marketing and PR training tips and tools
Customized marketing & PR strategy and execution plan
SEE NO LIMITS - Expand Your Business
Audio interviews from our virtual book launch that can be sold or gifted
2 complimentary tickets to The Quinntessential Business™ Summit
Selling privileges on Amazon with customized link to collect residual income
Author account set up on Amazon
Strategy session with our graphic designer to review your website
Private business coaching call with Business Success Strategist, Tracy Quinn
Learn how to position yourself as the expert in your industry
Learn the 42 revenue streams to leverage your book
Group strategy calls with industry experts
Private coaching session to crystalize your message
Private coaching session to maximize leverage of your book
Private coaching session to build residual income
Creation of your unique platform, messaging & keynote
SEE YOUR LEGACY - Expand Your Reach
Become a featured guest on a global TV series
Build your list offering a free gift
Hyperlinked contact details included in the broadcast
Access to place your video on your website and YouTube channel
Global access to your content anywhere in the world, at any time
Personalized social media campaign promoting your episode
Personalized week-long television broadcast launch party
Option to feature a client's video testimonial
Professional photos with Tracy Quinn & producer, Susan Statzer
End of season launch party to include social media marketing campaign
Become a business mentor at the The Quinntessential Business™ Summit
Creation of you author & speaker one-sheet
Present your keynote speech at The Quinntessential Business™ Summit
Complimentary sponsor package at The Quinntessential Business™ Summit
Complimentary invitation to join Tracy Quinn's private mastermind
Full access pass to attend our luxury mastermind cruise

Benefits of becoming a 


Core Author
Cover Author
Featured Author

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Author Investment

Core Author



Become a best-selling author to increase your influence, impact, and business

Core Author - Installment Plan


$497 x 8 Months



Cover Author

Expand your reach by being featured on a global television show & becoming a business mentor at the Quinntessential Business Summit


$1297 x 8 Months

Cover Author - Installment Plan

Featured Author

Featured Author

Featured guest on our global television show, sponsor package at the Quinntessentials Business Summit & all access pass to our luxury mastermind cruise!


Featured Author - Installment Plan

$1497 x 12 Months

If you would like to apply for PayPal's 6-month interest free credit, Click Here

Have a Global Presence Anywhere, Anytime!!

Unlocking Your Limitless Life

Season 4 of Unlocking Your Limitless Life will be completely dedicated to our book and promoting our authors.  Each week will feature a different COVER or FEATURED author who will share their story with the world.  Check out for more details.

Meet Our Producer & Host


As the executive producer and host of the global TV series Unlocking Your Limitless Life with Susan Shatzer. Susan shares personal life experiences with vulnerability, compassion, transparency, strength and fearless resolve. Her guests are light-workers, transformation specialists, authors, higher consciousness facilitators just to name a few. She’s a 10-time #1 International Bestselling Author and known as a Consciousness Revolutionary. Her on-camera talent adds inspiration, motivation, and the keys to unlocking a different possibility in your life. Her target is to help you let go of your past, step into your happiness in the present, and gain control of your future! 

Where to Watch


Distribution Networks




Destination Mastermind

Join an Elite Group of Conscious Creators

As a FEATURED author, you are given an all access VIP pass to our upcoming destination mastermind!! 

“We’re entering an Age of Transcendence, as people increasingly search for higher meaning in their lives, not just possessions. This is transforming the marketplace, the workplace, the very soul of capitalism. Increasingly, today’s most successful companies are bringing love, joy, authenticity, empathy and soulfulness into their businesses; they are delivering emotional, experiential, and social value – not just profits.”

~ Firms of Endearment, Wharton Press

Quinntessential Minds


We put the power of collective wisdom, accountability, drive, creativity, and clarity of advice in your hands to up-level your leverage, impact and income!! 

Would you like to discuss the opportunity to become a co-author?

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